Women return to home hair dying

Because of the recession, the companies that make home hair colouring kits are promoting them in force. They were first available here in the 1980s when the country was first hit by a recession. When you want to colour your hair on your own, it is not an easy achievement.

There are certain colourants that have been made into mousse since it is thought it is easier to apply, since if you get it on your skin it stains very easily and is hard to get off. The other problem is the colouring, if not applied correctly; it can leave a line all around the hairline.

Home colouring is not an easy application and is often compared to trying to cut the back of your hair with a pair of scissors. Now everyone has seen the movie where the young lady is on the run, she runs into a drug store and buys colouring and scissors.

They then show her in front of a mirror cutting her hair with scissors and then colouring it. The next scene shows her walking out of the public restroom as if she were leaving the dressing room to strut down the catwalk. The reality is, it does not work like that. It is impossible to see the back of your head without a mirror and mirrors are famous for distorting reality.

Home colouring is not a bad thing especially if it is just a simple once over to cover the entire hair and be done with it. With the right set up this is very possible but difficult at best. Very rarely does it work out the first time attempted and it has been attempted by many over the years.

The issue of risk is what is most worrisome. The monetary expense is one part of the issue as to make a fix here and there is costly, but it is the damage to the hair that is the worst. In order to get it fixed a hair stylist would have to strip the colours out of your hair and that means using chemicals to wash and rinse it over and over again. Then a treatment should be applied before even thinking of re-colouring it again.