Young clothing entrepreneur to open UK factory

The 25-year-old entrepreneur Nikki Hesford is known for owning the group of brands under the name Miss Fit. The company generally makes clothes that are targeted towards women with a big bust. The clothes that are sold by the company include lingerie, regular clothing and swimwear.

The company was founded by Hesford in 2008 and since that time it has become very successful. Many of its clothes are now being sold to retailers on the high Street and they are even manufacturing items on a white label basis for larger fashion companies.

Hesford has recently announced that she is going to be opening a factory in the UK which is going to be making clothes that are going to be advertised as, made in Britain. This factory is going to employ people from the local area who have been unable to find employment elsewhere.

Since starting her first business in 2008, Hesford has experienced a great deal of success in other businesses. She started a childcare company called Playschemes that was based in Lancaster and within six months she managed to sell it for a healthy profit.

She also started a website called which managed to achieve over £25,000 of turnover in its first 10 days. Amazingly, she achieved this turnover figure without paying for any advertising.

She is also well-known as a public speaker and she is regularly seen offering advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. She also operates a mentorship programne and is going to be publishing her first book later this year.

Currently the business is split into two major areas, the Miss Fit company and the Big Bra Bar company. The latter currently operates only online, but it is expected that in the near future it is going to take up a presence on the high street.

Hesford has stated that she believes many people have misconceptions about selling products on the Internet. She thinks that it is too associated with cheap products that do not have an identifiable brand. She specifically wants to change this so people recognise the value of buying great clothes from online retailers.