Young designer meets Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace is a well known name in the world of fashion, and getting her seal of approval can help make the career of any young designer. This is why Rebecca Gonsalves did everything she could to meet the judge at the Woolmark Prize who would select six finalists during London Fashion Week. Apparently she was a mixture of nerves and stress as she walked in front of the judging panel that included the blond bombshell, and when Donatella saw her, it was an undeniable success.

According to the young fashion artist, in the Friday show she was almost freaking out, ecstatic to meet the celebrity. Versace admits that she always looks for new talents and that one of the rules of fashion is to constantly change and bring in new ideas, something Rebecca surprisingly has a hard time coping with. Versace has built her fashion empire along with her brother Gianni until he died in 1997, and since then she attends every high class fashion show around the country.

Her muse is keeping her abreast of new developments and allow her to spot new talents like is the case for Rebecca. Her work is mostly in advertising and by making campaign designs with Richard Avedon and Bruce Weber, some of the biggest models of the last few years, she keeps the public wanting more. When she was still young, in 1994, she already had her own brand name aimed at younger audiences.

Of course when judged on appearance, Versace comes as a blond bombshell, a role she is more than happy to play. But she also has an immense talent and she positioned herself into a position in the fashion industry from which she can influence younger minds, and says she is always excited for young talents who make it onto the stage.